PH Bidding will design a Custom Bid Management site with your own URL that is customized to match your branding.  We will link the bid management site to your website, and your website can easily be linked to the bid management site. This gives interested bidders easy access to all of your active bids and allows them to directly link to your website.


With a custom Bid Management site, bidders will be directed to visit your custom URL and only your bids and projects will be listed. You do not have to compete with other clients’ bids in the same location. However, we can advertise your projects to our large contact database in order to increase your bidder participation.


Your Custom bid Management site provides detailed reporting for your bidding projects. Registered bidders, plan holders lists, and viewing activity are all logged automatically. When an interested bidder views or orders your projects or bidding documents, their information will be logged. If any changes or addenda are issued, they will be distributed to all of the registered bidders. Reports are provided allowing you to see who received the addenda and if it has been viewed by the bidder.